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How It Works

Pursuing your successful retirement relies on proper planning.

Find your freedom through our planning process.

Everyone has a different story. Each one of our clients has a unique upbringing, family situation, desires for the future, and their own financial picture. Through our process, we enjoy learning your story and building a plan that aligns with your specific circumstances and personal goals.

As we work together, our goal is to help you experience the liberation that comes from having a clear and strategic plan for your future.

In our first meeting, we’ll get to know all about you—your concerns, scenarios, and the details of your finances. Our focus here is to discover your needs and to understand if we can help and if it makes sense to work together. If we feel we can add value to your situation, we’ll let you know and will book our next meeting if you’re on board as well.

We’ll dive deeper into the details of your finances, including your statements, income, and when you plan to retire. We’ll analyze your financial portrait alongside your goals and will begin to put together your plan. In a second meeting, we’ll go over our findings and decide together if continuing our relationship makes sense. Our goal is to make an impact in your financial life and retirement trajectory, and we’ll be honest about whether or not we see that happening.

If we decided to continue on together, this is the time when we will implement the various parts of your financial plan. Most of this will be done on our end.

Through ongoing monitoring and meetings together, we’ll oversee your strategy and make adjustments to your plan. We like to think of your plan as a living, breathing document. Depending on life changes or newfound goals, your plan is always able to be updated and we will be regularly communicative in learning when this may be necessary.

Let’s get started.

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re truly prepared for retirement, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

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